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Oregon Good Sam Website

I am very pleased you visited us.

Let me start out by saying I am honored and consider it a privilege to be your state director this term and I want to thank you all of our Oregon Good Sam members that have volunteered in the past and  will in the future.  I am looking forward to working with all of you in the coming months.  
I have a dream for Oregon Good Sam to grow existing chapters and to encourage new chapters to be formed.  Good Sam originally started in 1966 and came about by RV campers willing to offer assistance to other campers.  I would like to rekindle the enthusiasm from previous years to our future.
I am very excited about what the future may bring to Oregon Good Sam, for all of our activities and chari-ties that we support.  The future is bright moving forward for all of us.   
One change that will be taking effect immediately will be the Drifter will now be forwarded to the Assis-tant Directors and they will be responsible for forwarding to their chapters.  Those that have paid for printed copies will continue to receive theirs via mail.

John Monahan Oregon State Director
I am open to new ideas or suggestions, feel free to contact me at:  oregongoodsamdirector@gmail.com.
360 984-4620

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