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COVID-19 and how it affects Oregon Good Sam

Hi Everyone
I received an email from Olivia Sisk, our Good Sam Support specialist and she sent out a notice about cancelling all events.  Below is part of the email that she sent to me.

“Hi Everyone!  We hope that you and your family members are staying safe & healthy during this challenging time. 

 Earlier this week a note was sent out to customers notifying them of the actions that our team is doing to help keep our community safe.  Our team is committed to making sure that we can supply the essentials that the RV community needs to make sure their home on wheels is functioning and safe.

 Due to recent developments, the concern over the health and well-being of our customers and community continues to grow.  To keep you and your family safe, as well as continuing to follow the CDC guidelines, the difficult decision has been made to pause the Good Sam State/Provincial Director program, effective immediately.

 This was a decision that our team did not take lightly, but due to the continued outbreak of COVID-19, your health and well-being is most important to us.”

 Here are some of the questions that your chapters may be asking?

Q: Can I continue to host Good Sam state/provincial & individual chapter meetings?

A: At this time, all meetings should be cancelled.

Q: How does this impact my state/provincial rally?

A: All Good Sam State/Provincial rallies are to be cancelled. A note will be placed onGoodSam.com/Events that all 2020 Good Sam State/Provincial Rallies are postponed indefinitely.

Q: If I cancel my event, but cannot receive a refund, what should I do?

A: Event venues are diligently working with organizations to either provide a full refund or offer a credit towards a future event. Please inquire if the venue is willing to provide.”

 Sorry to have to inform all of you of these events.  Keep in touch and stay safe.

 John Monahan - Oregon Good Sam Director

I am very pleased you visited us.

Let me start out by saying I am honored and consider it a privilege to be your state director this term and I want to thank you all of our Oregon Good Sam members that have volunteered in the past and  will in the future.  I am looking forward to working with all of you in the coming months.  
I have a dream for Oregon Good Sam to grow existing chapters and to encourage new chapters to be formed.  Good Sam originally started in 1966 and came about by RV campers willing to offer assistance to other campers.  I would like to rekindle the enthusiasm from previous years to our future.
I am very excited about what the future may bring to Oregon Good Sam, for all of our activities and chari-ties that we support.  The future is bright moving forward for all of us.   
One change that will be taking effect immediately will be the Drifter will now be forwarded to the Assis-tant Directors and they will be responsible for forwarding to their chapters.  Those that have paid for printed copies will continue to receive theirs via mail.

John Monahan Oregon State Director
I am open to new ideas or suggestions, feel free to contact me at:  oregongoodsamdirector@gmail.com.
360 984-4620

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